Exploratory Study of the Prevalence of Traumatic Injuries in Preschool Children in the City of Macapá, Brazil

Carla Pereira Felix, Caleb Shitsuka, Caroline Moraes Moriyama, Danilo Antônio Duarte


Objective: To verify the prevalence of dental trauma and the most common types of trauma in primary dentition of preschool children in the city of Macapá, Brazil. Material and Methods: A convenience sample of 177 preschool children aged 1-4 years of both genders was examined. Data collection occurred in public schools in different regions examiner. For comparison of data, statistical Chi-square test was applied, arranged in order of frequency (p<0.05). Results: The prevalence of traumatic injuries was 46.3%, there was no statistically significant difference between genders (p = 0.09). The least affected age group was 1 year old (p=<0.001). The most common type of injury was enamel fracture (88.3%) and the most affected teeth were upper central deciduous incisors (70.1%) and upper lateral deciduous incisors (17.6%). Conclusion: Due to the high prevalence of dental trauma in this population, preventive and educational measures are needed to reduce the number of cases both in the private network and in promotions of public and community health.

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