Need of Dental Prosthesis in Older People and the Offer of Specialized Care in the Unified Health System, Brazil

Maria Augusta Bessa Rebelo, Danielle Tupinambá Emmi, Fernando José Herkrath, Gabriela Figueiredo Meira, Paulo Sávio Angeiras Goes, Mario Vianna Vettore


Objective: To analyze the offer of dental prosthesis by Centers of Dental Specialties (CEO) considering the need by individuals aged 65-74 years in state capitals and other regions of the country. Material and Methods: The study was conducted with data from the external evaluation of the Improving Access and Quality Program (AVE/PMAQ CEO) and with data from the SBBRASIL 2010 project. AVE / PMAQ CEO is an evaluative investigation using a cross-sectional research design, performed in all CEOs of Brazil, totaling 932 services evaluated. The analysis of data and distribution of CEOs that offered dental prosthesis was described by maps, using TabWin (DATASUS) and quantitative description of the following variables: need for total and partial dentures, CEO, Regional Prosthodontic Laboratories (RLDP), average monthly number of delivered prostheses and the proportion of capitals with RLDP, number of CEOs, RLDP and prostheses delivered per 100,000 inhabitants in state capitals and other regions. Results: Of the 5,570 municipalities in the country, 780 have CEO, mainly located on municipalities with larger populations. Most CEOs were located in the northeastern (38.3%) and southeastern regions of Brazil (36.2%) with the northern and mid-western regions presenting the lowest absolute number of units. Low offer of prostheses was observed, considering the high need of dentures, as well as an unequal distribution among Brazilian regions. A high percentage of older adults aged 65-74 years require total (74.6%) or partial (99.8%) prosthetic rehabilitation, more critical situation is observed in the northern and northeastern regions. Conclusion: The provision of dental services in CEOs is still limited and unevenly distributed, especially for PPR, compromising the universality and integrality of oral health care.


Dental Prosthesis; Dental Health Services; Secondary Care

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