The Regulation of Services in Secondary Oral Health Care in Brazil

Paulo Sávio Angeiras de Goes, Ronald Pereira Cavalcanti, Danilson Ferreira da Cruz, Leopoldina de Fátima Dantas de Almeida, Wilton Wilney Nascimento Padilha


Objective: To analyze the regulation of access to Centers for Dental Specialties (CEO) in the 1st cycle of Program for Improving Access and Quality of Centers for Dental Specialties (PMAQ-CEO), specifically the waiting time for the first consultation in association with socioeconomic and demographic factors of users and the characteristics of services. Material and Methods: The quantitative database of the 1st cycle PMAQ-CEO external evaluation was used, with question directed to the CEO user (Module III - 3.1 and 3.2), which sought to identify user characteristics and access to CEO. To obtain data, a field phase was carried out between months of February to June 2014 in 930 CEOs in all Brazilian states. Results: Users who obtained the first appointment within thirty days of waiting were those who had family incomes above 10 minimum wages; which showed higher schooling; appointment scheduling by telephone made directly to the CEO; and that the consultation was accomplished by "squeeze in" option. Conclusion: It was observed that aspects related to schooling, family income and primary health care coverage influence the waiting time to obtain the first consultation in CEO. There were several ways of referencing of users, and those who performed better were those who shared accountability for the appointments between service and user.


Health Services Administration; Oral Health; Quality of Health Care

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