Association Between Presence of Enamel Defects, Dental Caries and Socioeconomic Conditions on Brazilian Children

Sofia Rafaela Maito Velasco, Roosevelt da Silva Bastos, Rafael Menezes Silva, Maria Fidela de Lima Navarro


Objective: To verify the relationship between developmental enamel defects (DED) in permanent incisors and socioeconomic conditions and dental caries in children within the life course context. Material and Methods: A total of 350 children aged 9-11 years from 13 public schools in the city of Bauru, Brazil were examined. Clinical exams were performed to observe the presence of caries and developmental enamel defects using the DMFT and DED indexes, respectively. In addition, information about family income and parental schooling was collected. Statistical analysis used the Spearman Correlation Coefficient and the Chi-square test to verify the association between DED, socioeconomic conditions and dental caries. The significance level adopted was 5%. Results: Association between presence of dental caries and DED (p=0.04), delimited opacity (p=0.02) and opacity (p=0.01) was observed. Inverse correlation for the decayed component with maternal schooling and family income was also verified. Regarding the types of development enamel defect (DED), correlation between delimited opacity, opacity and DED with the DMFT index was observed. Conclusion: The results of this study indicated association between enamel defects and caries, as well as correlation between income and parental schooling and dental caries.


Epidemiology; Oral Health; Dental enamel; Dental Caries.

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