Impact of Orthodontic Treatment on Oral Health-Related Quality of Life in the Slovak Republic: A Cross-Sectional Study

Martin Samohyl, Anna Nadazdyova, Martin Hirjak, Jaroslav Stanciak, Lubica Argalasova, Diana Vondrova, Katarina Hirosova, Jana Jurkovicova


Objective: To determine the level of Oral Health-related Quality of Life satisfaction in orthodontic patients compared with the control group. Material and Methods: In this cross-sectional study, the standardized questionnaire "Oral Health-related Quality of Life" (OHRQoL) was used. The 37 statements in the questionnaire are divided into four subscales; the total satisfaction score has been evaluated as well. 146 orthodontic patients (42.5% men) aged 8-72 years were divided into four subgroups: (i) patients treated by dental crowns and implants (DCI), (ii) subjects with dental prosthesis (DP), (iii) patients treated by dental braces (DB), and (iv) patients treated by dental retainer (DR). The control group consisted of 49 dental patients without any orthodontic treatment (51.0% men in mean age 20.0±8.2 years). Mean scores and levels of satisfaction (%) were evaluated in all subgroups and in all subscales. Results: The lowest rate of patients OHRQoL satisfaction was observed in the DP subgroup; the highest satisfaction level was found in the DCI subgroup. The highest rate of patient OHRQoL satisfaction in the study group was observed in subscales social well-being and functional limitation, and the highest level of dissatisfaction in a subscale emotional well-being. High significant differences between study and control groups were found in terms of a higher satisfaction level in a control group. Conclusion: The most dissatisfied were the oldest patients with dental prosthesis with the highest level of dissatisfaction in the emotional well-being subscale.


Orthodontics; Quality of Life; Oral Health

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