Efficacy of Mouthwash from Aloe vera Juice after Scaling Treatment on Patient with Gingivitis: A Clinical Study

Andi Mardiana Adam, Muhammad Harun Achmad, Andi Muhammad Fahruddin


Objective: To determine the effectiveness effectivity of mouthwash from Aloe vera juice after scaling treatment on patient with gingivitis. Material and Methods: This was an experimental research using pretest and posttest design with control group. The number of samples of 30 people selected using sampling method quota sampling. Samples were divided into two groups: test (n = 15 skeletons with Aloe vera juice) and control (n = 15 just scaling). Gingival inflammation is measured using a gingival index according to Loe and Sillness on the first day before scaling treatment and 7th day after scaling. Data analysis was conducted using SPSS version 20. Independent-samples t-test and paired-samples t-test were used for data analysis. The statistical test performed has a significance level of 0.05 (p = 0.05) and confidence level of 95% (α = 0,05). Results: There was a significant decrease in the mean score of the gingival index in the control group (1.1 to 0.5) and the test group (1.2 to 0.4) significantly (p<0.05). Conclusion: The use of mouthwash from Aloe vera juice can decrease gingival inflammation, which can be seen from the gingival index score on all test subjects. The decrease in gingival index in the test group using the Aloe vera juice was greater than that of the control group, which was not given the mouthwash.


Dental Plaque; Gingivitis; Mouthwashes; Aloe.

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