Knowledge and Practical Attitudes of Surgeons-Dentists of Bamako District Facing the Septum Syndrome

Aboubacar Sidiki Thissé Kane, Ousseynou Diawara, Mouhamed Lamine Guirassy, Gnaba Samson Mobio, Abdoul Aziz Traore, Abdoul Karim Togo, Boubacar BA, Mamadou BA, Amsalla Niang, Samba Ibrahim Diop


Objective: To determine the knowledge and attitude of dental surgeons in Bamako regarding the management of septal syndromes. Material and Methods: It was a cross-sectional and descriptive study conducted in the Bamako District, Mali. The following variables were collected: sociodemographic, training, knowledge of septal syndrome, therapeutic decisions and treatment. The data was collected from a survey sheet and processed by Epi-info Software version 3.5.3 and by the language R. Results: A total of 67 professionals participated in this study, of which 88.1% were men. Seventy-six point one percent of the Dental Surgeons have recognized septum syndrome as an emergency. The management of the emergency, followed by the completion of the comprehensive care later represents the attitude of 71.6% of the dentists. Sixty-four point two percent of dentists remove irritating elements under gingival, 80.6% prescribe an anti-inflammatory, 38.8% prescribe chlorhexidine gel and 26.9% reconstruct the point of contact. Conclusion: This study demonstrates that Dental Surgeons in general have adequate average knowledge and attitude for their management of septal syndrome.


Septo-Optic Dysplasia; Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice; Dentists.

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