Oral Hygiene: Knowledge and Practices of Students in Three Quranic Schools in Koutiala, Mali

Osseynou Diawara, Boubacar Ba, Mamadou Ba, Amsalla Niang, Aboubacar S. T. Kane, Kassoum Kayentao, Assetou Nimaga, Mahamadou Kouyate, Aissata Cissé, Marc Kone, Diallo Mamadou, Boubacar Maiga, Samba Ibrahim Diop


Objective: To evaluate the knowledge, attitudes, and practices on oral hygiene  (OH) of students of three Quranic schools of Koutiala, Mali. Material and Methods: It was carried out a descriptive prospective study with 300 students in three Quranic schools in the city of Koutiala, Mali. The data analyzed with the Epi Info 3.5.4 software. Results: The male sex was the most represented with 57.7% and the sex ratio = 0.73. The most represented age group was 8-12 with 52% with an average age of 17 years and minimum and maximum age of was 8 and 26 years. It was observed that 98.3% of students had a notion of knowledge about oral hygiene and this information was given by parents / elders in 60% of cases. They claimed that people who do not brush their teeth properly are the most likely to get tooth decay in 93.3% of cases. Regarding dental caries, 61.3% of students said that caries is transmitted by lack of oral hygiene; 33.3% of students said that using toothbrushes and having good oral hygiene are ways to avoid oral diseases. It was thought in 93.3% of cases that a good oral hygiene prevents oral diseases. The students brushed their teeth every day (98%) and they had a consultation with the dental surgeon in 8.7% of the cases. Conclusion: This study shows that students had knowledge of oral hygiene and preventive measures. Efforts should be made to promote, prevent, screen and manage oral diseases in Quranic schools while involving parents in the processes.


Oral Hygiene; Students; Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice.

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