Assessing Expectant Mothers’ Knowledge and Beliefs about Oral Healthcare During Infancy and Pregnancy: A Cross Sectional Survey in Saudi Arabia

Osama Abu-Hammad, Sara M Binsaad, Rafal A Gasim, Safa Jambi, Razan Haidary, Amal Afandi, Shaden Abu-Hammad, Najla Dar-Odeh


Objective: To evaluate expectant mothers’ knowledge and beliefs on oral healthcare of infants. It also aimed at exploring their knowledge on oral health care during pregnancy and the possible relationship between oral health and adverse pregnancy outcomes. Material and Methods: A cross-sectional, questionnaire-based survey was conducted among expectant mothers attending antenatal clinics in Al Madinah, Saudi Arabia in summer, 2017. Questions collected data on sociodemographic characteristics of the study sample as well as basic knowledge on oral healthcare during pregnancy and infancy. There were also questions on knowledge about adverse pregnancy outcomes that may be associated with poor oral health. Results: A convenient sample of 360 pregnant women participated in the study. A percentage of 79.7% showed a good level of knowledge in oral healthcare of infants while a percentage of 8.9% only showed a good level of knowledge in oral healthcare during pregnancy and pregnancy outcomes. Education level and employment status were significantly associated the good level of knowledge in oral healthcare of infants (p=0.000, and 0.002 respectively). Conclusion: Most of expectant mothers, particularly educated and employed ones, have good knowledge on oral healthcare of infants, however, the majority lacked sufficient knowledge on pregnancy outcomes and oral healthcare during pregnancy.


Infant; Pregnancy; Oral Health; Pregnancy Outcome.

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