Evaluation of Patient Satisfaction on Quality of Public Dental Health Service from Different Dimensions in Indonesia

Rasmidar Samad, Fuad Husain Akbar, Burhanuddin Daeng Pasiga, Rini Pratiwi, Ayub Irmadani Anwar, Nursyamsi Djamaluddin, Nurul Afiyah


Objective: To verify user satisfaction with oral public health services in different treatment dimensions and relate them to demographic conditions. Material and Methods: This study using pilot pathfinder design, conducted in Bantaeng Regency in January 2018. Patient was obtained for 114 people. Data were collected using structured questionnaires, which have been designed according to this survey which has eighteen questions corresponding to the object, with response patterns: satisfied, more or less and dissatisfied. Satisfaction was analyzed by using chi-square test. Questions about satisfaction with services are grouped into five domains - 'physical structure', 'relationships and communication', 'information and support', 'health care' and 'service organization'. Results: The results showed that in dental and oral health centers in Bantaeng District the physical structure dimension showed the highest level of satisfaction, while the dimensions of dental and oral health care showed the lowest satisfaction. Conclusion: Communities in Bantaeng and Pa'jukukang Sub-districts of Bantaeng Regency are mostly satisfied with dental and oral health services based on health service dimensions. On the physical structure dimension shows the highest level of satisfaction, whereas the dimension of dental and oral health care shows the lowest satisfaction.


Patient Satisfaction; Quality of Health Care; Dental Health Services

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.4034/PBOCI.2018.181.49