Frequency of Post-Operative Sensitivity in Class II Composite Restorations in Iranian Patients

Mehdi Daneshpooy, Fatemeh Pournaghiaza, Mahdi Rahbar, Esmaeil Sobhi


Objective: To determine the frequency of sensitivity after treatment in composite resin restorations Class II of premolars in Iranian patients. Material and Methods: In this descriptive-cross-sectional study, questionnaires were used which included questions about the extent of post-operative sensitivity in posterior composite resin restorations among 178 patients referred to the restoration section. After restoration of the teeth, the patients were called to record sensitivity after the treatment. Post-operative sensitivity was measured 24 h and 1 month after composite resin restoration and with cold stimulation using Visual Analog Scale (VAS) method. The data were analyzed with the SPSS software, through descriptive statistical methods (frequency and percentage, mean, standard deviation). Group comparisons were evaluated using Mann-Whitney U test and p-value <0.05 was considered to be statistically significant. Results: The mean frequency of sensitivity in terms of gender was 0.75 and 0.76 in males and females, respectively. The mean frequency of sensitivity in terms of type of jaw was 0.59 and 1.1, in the upper and lower jaw, respectively. It was also observed that the frequency of sensitivity is higher in adolescent age group, in comparison with other age groups. No significant association between gender as well as type of jaw and post-operative sensitivity frequency was observed (p>0.05). However, age group has a statistically significant association with the frequency of post-operative sensitivity (p<0.05). Conclusion: There is a significant relationship between extent of sensitivity after treatment in composite resin restorations Class II and the age group of patients.


Dentistry, Operative; Composite Resins; Dentin Sensitivity

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