Dimensional Stability of Casts Derived from Three Types of Alginate at Different Times After Impression

Sahar Mousavi, Mahdi Rahbar, Fatemeh Rostamzadeh, Karim Jafari, Somayeh Hekmatfar


Objective:To evaluate the dimensional changes in three types of alginate following three different delay times after casting. Material and Methods:In this laboratory study, a maxillary arch-shaped stainless steel model was prepared and three pins with similar and determined diameters and heights were placed (one at mid-line and two on the underside of the model) as reference points to compare the dimensional stability of the three types of alginates. A special metal tray was made from the main model. The main moldel was imprisoned by the metal tray, and these were kept for a specific time in a humid environment. Gypsum Type 4 was poured over the impression to obtain 90 gypsum casts for three types of alginate. The dimensions of casts obtained from each alginate were compared in two lateral and anterior-posterior dimensions, they were compared with each other, and the alginates were also compared to the main model. Results:At a time interval of 15 minutes, the dimensional accuracy of the casts obtained from the three types of alginates, with the main model in both anterior-posterior and transverse dimensions was not significantly different (p<0.05); but there was a significant difference at 60 minutes and 24 hours in both dimensions (p<0.05). Although there was no significant difference between the alginates in both dimensions and all three studied time periods, the least difference with the main model was related to Zhermack and the highest difference was related to Golchai alginates. Pairwise comparisons showed that none of the samples had a significant difference in terms of dimensions. Conclusion:The dimensional stability of alginate was a time-dependent type of alginate and had no significant effect on the dimensional accuracy of casts.


Dimensional Measurement Accuracy; Dental Impression Materials; Alginates

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