Effect of Scaling and Root Planing Treatment on Levels Hs-CRP in Indonesian Patients with Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Rasmidar Samad, Fuad Husain Akbar, Olivia Angreani Willianto, Qushay Umar Malinta, Hanna Aulia Namirah


Objective: To determine the effect of scaling and root planning treatment on levels of hs-CRP (C-reactive protein) in patients with risk of cardiovascular disease. Material and Methods: This research is an experimental research with one group pre- and post-test design. This research was performed to the periodontal patients who came to the clinic and have risk of cardiovascular disease. Medical evaluations included measurement of blood pressure and body mass index were performed. Blood samples were obtained from each subject after over night fasting, high-sensitivity C-reactive protein was measured as an index of inflammation. Blood samples were analysed two times before treatment (scaling and root planning) and three weeks later. Statistical analysis used Paired t-test. The level of significance was set at 5%. Results: Means-CRP levels before and after treatment in scaling and root planning were 3.16 ± 2.37 and 2.18±1.56 (p=0.007). Conclusion: There are significant differences between hs-CRP levels before and after treatment.


Cardiovascular Diseases; Dental Scaling; Root Planing; C-Reactive Protein.

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