Factors Affecting Dental Center Service Quality in Indonesia

Fuad Husain Akbar, Syahrir Pasinringi, Abd Hair Awang


Objective:To identify factors affecting dental center service quality in Bantaeng Regency, Indonesia. Material and Methods:This study used a pilot pathfinder design and analysed a sample of 114 subjects. Data were collected using a questionnaire designed for the study based on model of service quality which consists of two parts: the subject's demographic characteristics and a 30 item questionnaire to measure the five dimensions of the service quality, include tangibility (7 question), reliability (9 question), responsiveness (6 question), assurance (4 question) and empathy (4 question). Five points Likert Scale were used to evaluate all dimension in questionnaire (1= strongly disagree, 5=strongly agree). The data were analyzed using SPSS 24.0 and Amos 18.0 to get the mean, standard deviation and confirmatory factor. Results:The most important thing of each dimensions were “the clinic employees should be clean, neat, tidy and appropriate to their professions”(4.08) on tangibility, “The dentist should give patients useful and necessary advice for preventing them from other diseases” (4.12) on reliability, “A secretary should always be accountable for arranging the time of treatment session by phone or in person“ (4.06) on responsiveness, “In a good dental clinic, the employees should always behave towards patients with respect and courtesy and ensure their privacy” (4.11) on assurance and “The clinic employees should pay particular attention to each patient’s costs of dental services and should be assured that they are affordable for patients“ (4.22) on empathy. Results showed that tangibility, reliability, and assurance have the highest effect on dental service quality in Bantaeng District. Meanwhile, the responsiveness dimensions have the lowest effects. Conclusion:Assurance, reliability, tangibility/physical condition are the factors affecting dental service quality in Bantaeng Regency.


Health Services; Dental Health Services; Quality of Health Care.

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