Anti-Cancer and Anti-Proliferation Activity of Ethyl Asetat Extract From Ant Nest (Myrmecodia pendans) in Burkitt’s Lymphoma Cancer Cells

Muhammad Harun Achmad, Sherly Horax, Sri Ramadhany, Irene Edith Rieuwpassa, Melyanti Sari, Hendrastuti Handayani, Marhamah F Singgih, Sumintarti Sugiharto


Objective:To determine the activity of anti-cancer and anti-proliferation of ethyl acetate fraction of ant nest plants (Myrmecodia pendans) in Burkitt’s Lymphoma cancer cells. Material and Methods:The study was conducted in a pure laboratory experimental method using Burkitt's Lymphoma cancer cell culture. Gradual research begins with the determination, extraction and fractionation of ant nest plants, to test for proliferation barriers. Data analysis using two-way ANOVA followed by Post Hoc LSD test with a significance level of 95%. Pearson correlation test was conducted. Results:The results of testing the inhibition of Burkitt’s Lymphoma cell proliferation with ethyl acetate extract treatment showed that there was inhibition of cell growth based on the concentration given, starting from the lowest concentration of 15.625 μg/mL. Likewise, the incubation time factor of 24, 48, and 72 hours showed that the longer the incubation time, the greater the inhibition of cell growth. Antiproliferation analysis of flavonoid ethyl acetate extract based on concentration and incubation time on absorption of optical density Burkitt’s Lymphoma was statistically significant (p = 0.00). Conclusion:Ant nest ethyl acetate extract has the effect of proliferation inhibition on Burkitt’s lymphoma cells.


Neoplasms; Burkitt Lymphoma; Cell Proliferation; Plant Preparations

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