Fresh Frozen Amniotic Membrane and Buccal Pad of Fat for Reconstruction of Oral Mucosal Defect After Surgical Excision of Leukoplakia.

Mostafa Md. Anisuzzaman, Mohammad Khursheed Alam, Safiquer Rahman Khan, Anser Uddin Ahmed


Objective:To compare the use of Fresh Frozen Amniotic Membrane (FFAM) and Buccal Pad of Fat (BPF) for reconstruction of oral mucosal defect after surgical excision of leukoplakia. Material and Methods:Twenty patients were randomly selected and divided into two groups. Group 1 use amniotic membrane graft and Group 2 BPF. Both groups were evaluated preoperatively and postoperatively. Incisal opening, epithelialization and fibrosis were evaluated after one month of surgery. Chi square and Student t tests were used. Results:According to the presence of smoking habits, the highest frequencies were for smoking (30%) and betel leaf areca nut with tobacco (30%). Regarding the diameter of oral leukoplakia, in 40% of the participants it was 2x3 cm2. In Group1, after one month of surgery preoperative and postoperative inter-incisal opening values were 44.20 ± 3.37 and 42.05 ± 3.47 (p<0.001). In Group 2, preoperative and postoperative inter-incisal opening values were 44.09 ± 3.32 and 43.01±3.38 (p>0.05). When FFAM was used complete epithelialization in 70% and incomplete epithelialization in 30% patients. When BPF was used the results were almost similar. Fibrosis occurred in 30% in Group 1. There were no complications like flap necrosis, infectiona and hematoma formation. Conclusion:Incisal opening was significantly better in Fresh Frozen Amniotic MembraneGroup, epithelialization and fibrosis were almost same in both groups after surgical excision of oral leukoplakia.


Extraembryonic Membranes; Amnion; Leukoplakia, Oral; Mouth Neoplasms.

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