Evaluation of Tooth Brushing in Slovak Patients with Sclerosis Multiplex

Martin Samohyl, Pavol Beno, Katarina Hirosova, Lubica Argalasova, Diana Vondrova, Jana Jurkovicova


Objective:To analyse issue of teeth brushing according to age, gender and length in Slovak patients with multiple sclerosis disease (MS). Material and Methods:In this descriptive study, the questionnaires were collected in neurologists from December 2016 until September 2017. The study sample consisted of 103 MS patients (44.7% of men) in a mean age of 38.4 ± 9.95 years. The study sample of MS patients was divided into two sub-groups. The first sub-group consisted of MS patients who were restricted in teeth brushing (n=56) and the second group of MS patients, which had no restrictions in teeth brushing (n=47). Descriptive statistics were used to calculate the absolute and relative frequencies, mean and standard deviation. A two-sample t-test was used to compare of the proportion between sub-groups with restrictions and sub-group no restrictions in teeth brushing. The statistically significant level was determined at p<0.05. Results:The significant higher mean age (40.4 ± 10.8 years) was found in MS patients who had restrictions in teeth brushing (p=0.043). Females described often no restrictions in teeth brushing than males (59.6% vs. 40.4%; p<0.05). Length in MS disease (≤3 years) has significant impact on patients in who were not found restrictions in teeth brushing (31.9%; p=0.037). Conclusion:We recommend individual doctor approach to MS patients in older age and using of electric toothbrushes in MS patients who have hand functioning restrictions.


Nervous System Diseases; Multiple Sclerosis; Oral Hygiene; Toothbrushing.

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