Comparative Measurement of Tooth Length: Actual vs. Orthopantomography and CBCT-Based Measurements

Santosh Rayagouda Patil


Objective:To compare the reliability of cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) in assessing the tooth length in comparison to orthopantomography (OPG). Material and Methods:Forty patients scheduled for extraction as result of caries or periodontal involvements were randomly selected. Panoramic radiographs and CBCT images were obtained and subsequently patients were subjected for extraction. Teeth with poor prognosis were extracted and stored in 10% formalin. Radiographic teeth measurements were carried out on OPG and CBCT images using a software and the actual tooth length (A-L) measurements were carried out with a digital vernier caliper. The data collected were statistically analyzed for paired “t” test significance of differences and Pearson’s correlation at 5% level of confidence.Results:There was significant difference comparing all three actual tooth length (A-L) and CBCT- and OPG-measured tooth lengths. A significant positive correlation was observed among all the measurements. Conclusion:CBCT images exhibited accuracy over panoramic images even though the measurements are still significantly different from actual anatomical tooth lengths.


Cone-Beam Computed Tomography; Radiography, Panoramic; Tooth.

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