Relationship of Age, Body Mass Index, Bone Density, and Menopause Duration with Alveolar Bone Resorption in Postmenopausal Women

Susi R. Puspitadewi, Pitu Wulandari, Lindawati S. Kusdhany, Sri Lelyati C. Masulili, Hanna Bachtiar Iskandar, Elza Ibrahim Auerkari


Objective:To analyze the relationship between age, body mass index (BMI), bone mineral density (BMD), and alveolar bone resorption with menopause duration in postmenopausal women. Material and Methods:A cross-sectional study was developed involving 59 subjects, aged 45 to 80 years and categorized the duration of menopause as ≤5 years and >5 years. Body mass indexmeasurement and menopause duration were collected. Bone loss seen on radiography was measured by drawing a vertical line from the cementoenamel in the distal part of the 36 teeth and the mesial portion of 46 teeth to the base of the bone marked by the lamina dura intact. Categorical determinations of age, BMI, BMD, and alveolar bone resorption were based on receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves. Were used Pearson correlation and Spearman correlation tests with the significance level set at 5%. Results:The majority of subjects (54.2%) with menopause duration >5 years were aged >54.5 years, most had BMI >24.2 kg/m2(39%), had bone resorption >2.95 mm (52.5%), and had bone density ≤73.89 (49.2%). Pearson and Spearman correlation tests showed no significant correlation between age, BMI, bone density, and alveolar bone resorption (p>0.05). Conclusion:The longer the duration of menopause showed a tendency for lower bone density and higher age, BMI, and bone resorption.

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