Impact Produced by Oral Conditions on the Quality of Life of Brazilian Workers of a Mixed-Economy Company

Maria Helena Monteiro de Barros Miotto, Letícia Mainardi Motta Gomes, Deise Berger Velten, Ludmilla Awad Barcellos


Objective: To evaluate the impact on quality of life caused by oral health problems among administrative sector employees of a mixed-economy company, residents in Vitória, Brazil. Material and Methods: This cross-sectional study used a random sample of 167 individuals. Quality of life measured by the subjective indicator OHIP-14, was the outcome considered; independent variables were sociodemographic, oral health dental services use and perceived prosthesis need. OHIP evaluates impairments in the three dimensions of social, psychological and physical functional conditions. To evaluate differences between groups, Chi-Square and Fisher’s Exact Tests were used (p<0.05). To assess the strength of association, Odds-Ratio was calculated. Results: The health professional most sought by individuals in the last 12 months was the dentist (88.5%), agreed by the company (62.6%) due to prevention reasons (62.6%). The prevalence of impact caused by oral health problems was 7.8% and most recorded dimensions were physical pain (6%) and psychological discomfort (5.4%). Impact perception was greater among individuals who declared need for partial removable denture at functional limitation and psychological incapacity dimensions. Subjects that used urgency oral health services presented more impact at psychological discomfort dimension. Conclusion: The impact frequency was low. Objective and subjective measures can provide accurate analysis to support health policies directed to the real population needs.


Quality of Life; Oral Health; Disease Impact Profile.

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