Comparison of Advanced Platelet Rich Fibrin (A-PRF) and Culture Media Conditioned Warton's Jelly (CMCWJ) on Fibroblast Cells Proliferation

Dewi Anggraini Margono, Dini Asrianti Bagio, Bambang Nursasongko, Kamizar Nazar, Indah Yulianto, Emmanuella Gayatri, Diananda Lengah, Aryo Megantoro


Objective: To compare the potency of fibroblast cells proliferation in 12.5% and 25% Culture Media Conditioned Warton's Jelly (CMCWJ) and Advanced Platelet Rich Fibrin (A-PRF) cultured medium. Material and Methods: Fibroblast cells were divided into five groups: Group I (Control Group): serum-starved fibroblast without any treatment as a negative control; Group II: fibrolast that supplemented in 12.5% CMCWJ medium; Group III: fibrolast that supplemented 12.5% A-PRF medium; Group IV: fibrolast that supplemented 25% CMCWJ medium, and Group V: fibrolast that supplemented 25% A-PRF medium. The fibroblasts proliferation was counted by an automated cell counter. Statistical analysis was performed using One-way ANOVA and Post hoc Tamhane test was conducted to analyze the potential fibroblast proliferation differences in different concentration of CMCWJ and A-PRF group. Results: There were no significant differences in the fibroblast cell proliferation between GI and GIV, GII and GIV, GII and GIII, GII and GV, also GIV and GV. There were significant differences between GI and GII, GI and GIII, GI and GV, also GIII and GIV. Conclusion: The 12.5% CMCWJ group, 12.5% A-PRF group and 25% A-PRF group has excellent potential ability of fibroblast cells proliferation, meanwhile 25% CMCWJ group has the lowest mean potency of fibroblast cells proliferation compared to other groups. The 12.5% A-PRF Group has the highest mean of fibroblast cell proliferation amongst other groups.


Fibroblasts; Cell Proliferation; Platelet Rich Fibrin; Wharton Jelly

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