Gender and Age Differences in Patient Satisfaction with Dental Care in the Urban and Rural Areas of Indonesia: Pilot Pathfinder Survey

Fuad Husain Akbar, Uce Ayuandyka


Objective: To know the difference of patient satisfaction to dental service based on gender and age in urban and rural area of Gowa regency of South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Material and Methods: This study used pilot pathfinder survey design, conducted in Gowa regency in April 2018. The sample consisted of 420 participants. Data were collected using a satisfaction III questionnaire that has been designed in accordance with a survey of fifty-one questions. Questionnaires are divided into seven subscales: General Satisfaction, Technical Quality, Interpersonal Aspect, Communication, Financial Aspect, Time Spent with Doctors, Access / Availability / Convenience. The level of satisfaction was analyzed using t independent test. The level of significance was set at 5%. Results: In dental and oral health services in urban areas there was a significant difference of satisfaction level between males and females group >35 years and in rural area there was difference of satisfaction level significant between mals and females based on communication aspect in age group ≤35 years and there is no significant difference of satisfaction level between urban and rural area. Conclusion: There is difference of satisfaction level between males and females based on technical and communication quality aspect and there is no difference of level of satisfaction between urban and rural area.


Patient Satisfaction; Rural Population; Urban Population

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