Evaluation of an Elementary Teacher's Knowledge about the Topic Tooth Avulsion

Marina BERTI, Denise Lima Costa FURLANETTO, Monica Zeni REFOSCO


Objective: Evaluating the knowledge of a group of public school teachers from the city of Cascavel (PR) about the topic emergency management of dental trauma, focusing on tooth avulsion in elementary school.
Methods: Schools participating in the project were selected randomly, by lottery, involving all areas of the city of Cascavel (PR), and 11 agreed to proposal. We administered questionnaire consisting of two shares for 76 teachers. The first part containing 15 objective questions and general knowledge regarding the subject, and the second part with 16 questions covering first aid, compared to cases of trauma, specifically avulsion. Data were tabulated in Excel table and percentages were calculated. Results: Most interviewees (84.21%) reported not being prepared to handle a child who has suffered avulsion. 65.78% of respondents consider important to find the tooth and would take the crown. In this case, 25% did not wash away the teeth, while 72.36% wipe with water, cloth, paper or otherwise, among which milk was the most cited. On the topic dental avulsion, 84.21% of participants do not feel prepared for the immediate care needed. The results also revealed that the majority did not restore it back to the tooth socket for not knowing how to do it.
Conclusion: Based on the results we verified that the knowledge of teachers about emergency management when children suffer dental trauma needs to be better exploited through educational programs that address the topic, emphasizing the importance of immediate care.


avulsão dental; reimplante; questionário.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.4034/pboci.v11i3.899

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