Comparison of Oncostatin M in Patients with Chronic Periodontitis with and without Diabetes


  • Amulya Kolluri
  • Pratibha Gopalkrishna
  • Venkat Rao Josyula
  • Aditya Kiran Gatta
  • Kalyana Pentapati Chakravarthy


Diabetes Mellitus, Periodontitis, Gingiva, Inflammation, Cytokines


Objective: To compare the Oncostatin M (OSM) concentrations in tissues of patients with chronic periodontitis with and without diabetes. Material and Methods: Sixty-four subjects visiting the dental outpatient department were categorized as “healthy” (Group 1), “periodontitis” (Group 2), and “diabetes with periodontitis” (Group 3) groups. The clinical oral examination included assessment of plaque, gingivitis, probing depth, clinical attachment level. Blood glucose was assessed for group 3 patients. OSM concentration in the tissues was assessed using ELISA in all groups. Results: The mean OSM was 0.02 ± 0.04 pg/mg in the healthy group, 0.12 ± 0.09 pg/mg in the chronic periodontitis group and 0.13 ± 0.10 pg/mg in the diabetes-periodontitis group. A significantly higher mean OSM was seen in Group 2 and Group 3 than Group 1. The amount of OSM positively correlated with probing depth and clinical attachment level. Conclusion: Periodontal disease causes a rise in Oncostatin M, independent of the diabetic status. Expression of OSM in the gingival tissues can serve as an inflammatory marker.


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