Research Trends on Preventive and Therapeutic Use of TIF4 for Dental Caries and Erosion


  • Ana Beatriz Chevitarese
  • Karla Lorene de França Leite
  • Guido Artemio Marañón-Vásquez
  • Danielle Masterson
  • José M. Vicente-Gomila
  • Andréa Fonseca Gonçalves
  • Matheus Pitton
  • Lucianne Cople Maia


Dental Caries, Fluorides, Tooth Erosion


Objective: To evaluate TIF4 preventive and therapeutic use in caries and erosive lesions. Material and Methods: Searches were performed in six databases. Studies evaluating TiF4 use in vitro, in situ, and in vivo in caries and erosive lesions were included and imported into VantagePoint™ (VP). Data about publication year, authors, country, journal, study design, outcomes, TIF4 vehicles, application and intervention time, cariogenic challenge, erosive cycles, effects (positive/ negative /null) and approach (preventive/therapeutic) were analyzed through VP and Excel. Results: 93 published studies were included and an increase in publications was observed between 2010 and 2021. Forty-three authors published three or more articles, of which 67.4% were developed in Brazil and published in Caries Research (22.6%). 69.9% were in vitro studies with erosion assays (59.1%) and with preventive approaches (67.4%). The principal vehicle was a solution (69.9%) with a 1-min single application (58.0%) and with an intervention time of 5-7 days (22.6%). The principal cariogenic challenge in vitro was pH cycling (11.8%); in situ was sucrose + biofilm (6.2%); and in vivo, biofilm (6.2%). The most used erosive cycle was 4× per day in in vitro studies (20.4%) and 1× in vivo (2.1%). A positive effect was observed in prevention (41.9%) and treatment (24.7%) studies. Conclusion: TIF4 has shown a positive effect in prevention and therapeutic treatments for dental caries and erosion.


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