Antibiotic Prescription in Endodontics: A Transversal Observational Study Comparing Dental Students and General Dental Practitioners in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


  • Ana Clara Miranda Figueiredo
  • Isabella Soares de Oliveira Matos
  • Bruna Thurler Alves
  • Morgana Eli Vianna
  • Renata Ximenes Lins


Anti-Bacterial Agents, Dentistry, Drug Prescriptions, Endodontics, Surveys and Questionnaires


Objective: To evaluate and compare antibiotic prescriptions for endodontic infections of last-year undergraduate Dentistry students and dental surgeons from Brazil. Material and Methods: A questionnaire comprised of 15 questions was applied, including a series of hypothetical clinical cases through multiple choice questions. The survey respondents had the option to respond in favor or against the prescription of antimicrobials in each case. Afterwards, the commented answer keys of all topics contained in the survey form were released for educational purpose. Results: A total of 42 undergraduates and 115 dental surgeons answered the survey. Regarding the questions about antimicrobial prescriptions, 91.3% of the professional dentists and 69.8% of the dentistry students indicated that they prescribe antibiotics for a limited number of patients. However, when they responded about drug recommendations, most professionals (76.5%) and students (76.7%) chose to recommend antimicrobials without any clinical recommendation. Conclusion: In the groups herein evaluated, many antibiotic prescriptions could have been avoided. The rational use of these drugs is still a conduct that needs further disclosure and commitment among prescribers.


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