The Effects of Orthodontic Tooth Movement on Clinical Attachment Level Changes in Treated Periodontitis Adult Patients with Malocclusion: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis


  • Asal Moravej
  • Tahereh Pornamazeh
  • Zahra Hatamzade
  • Mahshad Soltanian
  • Ali Amiri


Malocclusion, Meta-analysis, Periodontitis, Tooth Movement Techniques


Objective: To investigate the effects of orthodontic tooth movement on clinical attachment level (CAL) changes in treated periodontitis in adult patients with malocclusion. Material and Methods: Present study is based on PRISMA guidelines; all articles published in international databases such as PubMed, Scopus, Science Direct, and Embase between 2012 to May 2022 are included. 95% confidence interval (CI) for mean difference with fixed effect modal and inverse-variance were calculated. Data analysis was performed using STATA.V16 software. Results: In the initial review, duplicate studies were eliminated, abstracts of 175 studies were reviewed, two authors reviewed the full text of 21 studies, and finally, eleven studies were selected. The mean of CAL gain was 2.29 mm (MD, 95% CI -2.47 mm, -2.12 mm; p=0.00) (I2=91.81%; p=0.00; high heterogeneity). The mean difference of PPD changes was –1.93 mm (MD, 95% CI -2.07 mm, -1.80 mm; p=0.00) (I2=98.52%; p=0.00; high heterogeneity). Conclusion: Due to the limitations of the study and based on the meta-analysis, it is observed that orthodontic treatment is performed with higher success after reconstructive surgery with periodontal improvement.


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