Donor Site Morbidity of Nonvascularized Bone Graft: A Systematic Review


  • Lilies Dwi Sulistyani
  • Vera Julia
  • Teuku Zulfahmi Rizki
  • Dwi Kasta Dharmawan


Mandibular Reconstruction, Morbidity, Bone Transplantation, Ilium


Objective: To evaluate the donor site morbidity of iliac and fibular nonvascularized bone graft after mandibular resection. Material and Methods:This study was guided by the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA) in PubMed, Proquest, Science Direct, and Ebsco. A total of 12 studies met the criteria of studies in humans using iliac and fibular nonvascularized bone grafts in mandibular reconstruction after mandibular resection. Results: A greater proportion of patients received iliac nonvascularized bone graft (88.9%) than fibular nonvascularized bone graft (11.1%). Of the 385 cases of iliac bone graft, 153 cases (40%) experienced complications at the iliac donor site, whereas in 48 cases of fibular bone graft, two (4%) experienced complications at the donor site. Hemorrhage, bone fracture, infection requiring debridement, and hematoma were the major complications. Conclusion: The morbidity rate of the nonvascularized bone graft donor site of the fibula (4%) tended to be lower than that of the ilium (40%). Patient age and defect size were not significantly correlated with the occurrence of morbidity donor sites in either the ilium or fibula.


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