Mineral Density Distribution Differences in Enamel and Dentin Tissues in the Teeth Array According to the HU Scale


  • Yasemin Yavuz
  • Ebru Akleyin


Diagnostic Imaging, Tomography, Dental Enamel, Dentin


Objective: To evaluate the mineral density of enamel and dentin tissues of healthy individuals using three-dimensional cone-beam computed tomography. Material and Methods: CBCT images of 15 healthy individuals, previously obtained for various reasons, were used in this study. In HU measurements, mineral density measurements were made from three different regions of enamel and three different regions of dentin, and the values obtained were compared. Enamel and dentin mineralization density measurements were measured from six regions, namely the crown cutting edge, buccal middle and cervical region for enamel, and the crown cutting edge, cervical region and root apex for dentin. In the comparisons of groups, the parametric One-Way ANOVA variance analysis method was applied. In the paired comparisons between the groups, the Tukey HSD test was applied as the multiple comparison post hoc test. A value of p<0.05 was accepted as statistically significant. Results: Mineralization density of tooth enamel and dentin tissues was quantitatively different in the maxilla and mandible in anterior and posterior teeth. Conclusion: In all the teeth, there were statistically significant decreases in the mineral density values of enamel and dentin tissue from occlusal towards the cemento-enamel junction. Statistically significant decreases were observed in the mineral density values of enamel and dentin tissue from the anterior region towards the posterior region in the teeth in both the upper and lower jaws.


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