The 100 Most-Cited Papers in Dentin Hypersensitivity: A Bibliometric Analysis


  • Armando Baia Guiomarino Neto
  • Francisco Ivison Rodrigues Limeira
  • Kétsia Rayssa Henriques Ferreira
  • Diandra Costa Arantes


Dentin Sensitivity, Dentin Desensitizing Agents, Bibliometrics, Databases, Bibliographic


Objective: To identify the 100 most-cited articles in DH and analyze their characteristics. Material and Methods: A search was performed on the Web of Science (WoS) and the 100 most-cited articles were selected. The following data were extracted: citations, year of publication, authorship, institution, country, journal, language, study design, topic of interest, conflict of interest (COI), and sponsorship. The VOSviewer software was used to visualize bibliometric networks. Poisson regression analysis was performed to measure associations between several citations and the characteristics of the studies. Results: The number of citations ranged from 346 to 48. The most-cited article was published in 1997 by Holland in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology. This journal published the most papers, followed by the Journal of Oral Rehabilitation and Journal of Dentistry. Laboratory research, review, and clinical trial were the study designs most prevalent. Reviews (p<0.05; PR= 1.853) and method development studies (p<0.05; PR= 1.853) had a more chance to present more citations. The main topics of interest were the clinical effectiveness of desensitizers and in vitro analysis of dentin morphology. Sponsorship and COI were underreported. England and USA presented the greatest number of citations and connections in the coauthorship network map. Conclusion: Most of the articles were original research, and their topics of interest were mainly the clinical effectiveness of desensitizing agents and dentin morphology.


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