Effect of Water and Chlorhexidine with Different Pressures of Oral Irrigation Device on the Surface Roughness and Topography of Giomer


  • Fereshteh Naser Alavi
  • Fatemeh Hajali
  • Ashkan Salari
  • Niloofar Moein


Surface Properties, Biguanides, Composite Resins, Pressure


Objective: To evaluate the effect of different pressures of an oral irrigation device (OID) and the irrigation solution type on the surface roughness of the giomer restorative material. Material and Methods: In this in vitro study, disk-shaped giomer samples were fabricated and assigned to 5 groups (n=23): Group 1, storage in distilled water (control); Group 2, OID #7 pressure/ water; Group 3, OID #10 pressure/ water; Group 4, OID #7 pressure/ 0.05% CHX; Group 5, OID #10 pressure/ 0.05% CHX. The samples' treatment simulated a one-year application of OID. Surface roughness (Ra) and topography of the giomer were evaluated using profilometry and scanning electron microscopy. The data were analyzed with Paired t-test, Tukey, and ANOVA tests (α=0.05). Results: The Ra of the samples increased significantly after treatment with OID (p<0.001). The roughness increase in groups with a pressure of 10 was higher than those with a pressure of 7 (p<0.001). The effect of pressure on surface changes was significant (p<0.001). However, the solution type and the cumulative effect of these two factors were insignificant (p=0.08 and p=0.43, respectively). Conclusion: Oral irrigation device with both solutions significantly increased the surface roughness and topographic changes of the giomer. The severity of these changes was related to the device’s pressure.


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