Aesthetic Dentistry - What You Decided and What I Want: Shade Selection


  • Kaleswararao Atluri
  • Sunil Chandra Tripuraneni
  • SriHarsha Vadapalli
  • Rajeswari Kommu
  • Sudhakar Vundavalli


Patient Satisfaction, Tooth Crown, Esthetics, Dental, Prosthodontics


Objective: To assess the relationship between patients' and dentists’ perceptions of shade selection and its impact on satisfaction with the prosthesis. Material and Methods: A single group pre-post study was conducted at the Prosthodontics department of a teaching hospital in India. One hundred ten participants were selected through a systematic random sampling technique with inclusion and exclusion criteria. Patients' attitudes regarding the aesthetics of their maxillary anterior teeth were recorded using a validated questionnaire. Shades for the intended prosthetic crown selected by the dentist and chosen by the patient were recorded separately, and patient satisfaction with the appearance of the final prosthesis was recorded. We used descriptive statistics followed by Pearson’s Chi-square test and a binomial logistic regression model for inferential statistics. Results: 109 participant’s data were available for final analysis. Patients choose lighter shades than the dentist’s selection, which is statistically significant (p=0.000). 73.4% were satisfied with the final prosthesis, and the binomial logistic regression model identified using patient-selected shade for the final prosthesis was significantly associated with patients' satisfaction with the final prosthesis (OR=3.3, p=0.001). Conclusion: The patient's preference should be considered with the dentist's option when selecting a shade to create good esthetics.


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