Effect of Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy on Chronic Kidney Disease Patients: A Systematic Review


  • Ranu Oza
  • Varsha Sharma
  • Mahalaqua Nazli Khatib
  • Prasad Dhadse
  • Pavan Bajaj
  • Kiran Kumar Ganji
  • Rakhi Issrani
  • Mahmoud Gamal Salloum
  • Meshal Abeer Alonazi


Kidney Diseases, Periodontitis, Therapeutics


Objective: To evaluate the effectiveness of “non-surgical periodontal therapy (NSPT)” on periodontal and renal parameters in periodontitis patients diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. Material and Methods: The review protocol has been registered in Prospero (CRD42020150938). Up to November 2019, we searched the PUBMED database without language constraints. We included randomized controlled (parallel-group or cross-over) trials with CKD and chronic periodontitis in adults aged 18 years and above. Three review authors independently assessed the studies. Three review writers gathered data and simultaneously assessed the risk of bias for individual trials using traditional Cochrane procedures. Results: Studies showed high variability. Three randomized clinical trials (RCT) were excluded because of high heterogeneity; meta-analysis could not be performed. Conclusion: Non-surgical periodontal therapy effectively improves periodontal and renal parameters. However, a meta-analysis could not be performed because of the high heterogeneity among the studies.


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