Awareness and Preferred Mode of Getting Information on First Aid Management of Avulsed Permanent Teeth: Survey of Nigerian Mothers


  • Olubukola Olamide Olatosi
  • Onyekachi J. Mgbemere
  • Afolabi Oyapero
  • Aderinsola S. Omotuyole
  • Chizoba C. Okolo


Tooth Injuries, Tooth Avulsion, Tooth Fractures, First Aid


Objective: To determine the awareness and sources of information on first aid management of avulsed permanent teeth in a group of South-western Nigerian mothers. Material and Methods: An 18-item interviewer-administered questionnaire was used to survey 385 mothers attending the antenatal and immunization clinics on their perception towards dental avulsion, its management, sources, and preferred mode of receiving information on first aid. The effect of all significant factors was inferred at p<0.05. Results: Mothers who had previous information on the first aid management of dental avulsion had significantly higher knowledge (p=0.000). Majority (80.8%) of the mothers did not know that an avulsed permanent tooth could be replanted, though mothers whose children had not experienced dental trauma had significantly higher knowledge (p=0.003). The knowledge of first aid management of avulsed permanent tooth was low, regardless of age, education and employment status of the respondents. Conclusion: There was low knowledge among mothers regarding the first aid measures in the management of avulsed permanent teeth. Their main preference for receiving information was through social media and television. There is a need to increase oral health educational campaigns targeted towards mothers.


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