Effect of Sprue Design in Nickel-Chromium Cast Crown Margin


  • Md. Al-Amin Sarkar
  • Mahbubur Rahman
  • Mohammad Khursheed Alam
  • Abu Noman Md. Abdullah
  • Mostafa Md. Anisuzzaman


Dental Materials, Dental Casting Investment, Dental Alloys, Chromium Alloys


Objective: To determine the effect of sprue design on the marginal accuracy of the casting. Material and Methods: It was an experimental in-vitro study. There are forty-four crowns of single sprue group with a forty-four double sprue group that was compared in 6 different locations of the margin. The sections were inspected under a microscope at 50X magnification and took a micrograph. The radius from an actual casting edge to a possibly excellent margin was then documented as marginal discrepancy (d), in μm. The marginal discrepancy was documented for each of the six sections per casting. Thus 264 sections were measured for each group. Data were analysed using (ANOVA) for analysis of variance. For bivariate analyses, Chi-square and Student t test were used. The significance level was set at < 0.05. Results: The marginal discrepancy was greater in the single sprue group of cast crown (43.1 ± 4.74 µm) and in double sprue group of cast crown was less (25.7 ± 4.25 µm). This difference is statistically significant (p<0.05). The correlation between single sprue group of casting with a double sprue group of casting by student’s t-test where determination height was 95%. Conclusion: Double sprue design produces a higher accurate margin than single sprue design in the nickel-chromium alloy cast crown.


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