Comparison of Microscopic Endodontic Techniques: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis


  • Samira Jamali
  • Robab Farhang
  • Navid Nasrabadi
  • Hashem Ahmadizadeh
  • Elnaz Mousavi
  • Mehrzad Kaviani


Endodontics, Microscopy, Root Canal Filling Materials


Objective: To evaluate the success rates of resin-based endodontic surgery (RES) and endodontic microsurgery (EMS), and compare their results. Material and Methods: A total of 19 and 34 full-text papers were reviewed, and finally, 2 and 6 studies were selected for RES and EMS, respectively. The stages of the study selection process were illustrated in Figure 1. The demographic characteristics were also described using the IBM SPSS Software, and the meta-analysis was fulfilled via Stata V.14. Results: A total number of 811 teeth were analyzed in this systematic review and meta-analysis, with a mean follow-up of 38.63 months. Besides, the results of the meta-analysis indicated that both methods not only differed in terms of implementation but also produced varying outcomes. Accordingly, EMS demonstrated a higher success rate likelihood with a significant difference from that of RES. Conclusion: An excellent proof was made available through this meta-analysis regarding the resin-based endodontic surgery success rate likelihood (79.9%) and an update for the endodontic microsurgery success rate possibility (100%).


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