Tobacco Smoking, Secondhand Smoke Exposure and Cessation Perceptions by Dental Students in Al Madinah, a Conservative Saudi Society


  • Yosra Ayed
  • Shadia A. Elsayed
  • Osama Abu-Hammad
  • Abdulaziz Turki
  • Mawadh Saleh
  • Moataz Karbouji
  • Ranad Alsaedi
  • Ismail Laher
  • Nebras Althagafi
  • Najla Dar-Odeh


Students, Dental, Water Pipe Smoking, Tobacco Use Cessation


Objective: To explore the prevalence of tobacco use and secondhand smoke (SHS) exposure in dental students and to investigate their perceptions on the role of dentists in tobacco cessation activities. Material and Methods:  A questionnaire-based study was conducted in a public university in Al Madinah, Saudi Arabia. The questionnaire investigated demographic factors, tobacco use practices, SHS exposure, and student perceptions of tobacco cessation activities. Descriptive statistics and statistical significance of differences between demographic groups were calculated. Results: A total of 228 students participated with 43.0% (n=98) males and 57.0% (n=130) females. A proportion of 30.7% (n=70) of the participants smoked tobacco, and these constituted 51 males (73%) and 19 females (27%). Only 39 students (15 females and 24 males) indicated their method of tobacco use, which was mainly cigarettes and waterpipes. One in two students was exposed to SHS. Non-smokers had better awareness of the health hazards of SHS (p<0.001), and were more likely to adopt tobacco cessation activities recommended by dentists (p<0.05). Conclusion:  A substantial proportion of dental students in a very conservative religious area smoke tobacco and are exposed to SHS. Their perceptions of the harms of SHS and attitudes on cessation need improvement. The influence of culture and religion in shaping health risk behaviors in conservative communities needs to be verified.


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