Thermographic Control of Pediatric Dental Patients During the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemics Using Smartphones


  • Alessandra Putrino
  • Mario Raso
  • Martina Caputo
  • Valeria Calace
  • Ersilia Barbato
  • Gabriella Galluccio


Differential Thermal Analysis, SARS-CoV-2, Smartphone, Body Temperature, Fever


Objective: To evaluate the reliability of infrared (IR) thermal camera connected to smartphones, already used in medicine for diagnostic purposes, as an easy tool for access screening to pediatric dentistry services. Material and Methods: After the preventive telephone triage, thirty orthodontic patients (7-13 years) underwent temperature measurement in the office with two no-contact IR devices: forehead digital thermometer and thermal-camera connected to a smartphone (reference areas: forehead, inner canthi, ears). Measurements were compared and differences were statistically investigated with T student’s test (p<0.01). Results: Forehead digital thermometer temperatures were superimposable to those recorded in ear areas and inner canthi with the thermal camera connected to a smartphone. Differences were not statistically significant even in comparison between the sexes. Forehead temperature values detected with a thermal camera are lower than those detected with a digital forehead thermometer. Conclusion: Thermal camera on a smartphone could be reliable in measuring body temperature. Mobile thermographic values of ears and inner canthi areas can be used as an alternative to forehead digital thermometer measurements. Further applications in pediatric dentistry of thermography on smartphones should be examined.


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