Assessment of the Relationship Between Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 Promoter Gene Polymorphism and Chronic Periodontitis


  • Hiroj Bagde
  • Savitha Banakar
  • Alka Waghmare
  • Ashwini Bagde
  • Shailendra Singh Chaturvedi
  • Santosh Rayagouda Patil


Periodontitis, Genetics, Matrix Metalloproteinase 9


Objective: To evaluate the association of MMP-9 promoter gene polymorphism in generalized chronic periodontitis patients of an Indian population. Material and Methods: Eighty patients were selected and divided into case and control groups (n=40). Patients included were aged 15-60 years of both genders and diagnosed with chronic periodontitis. Peripheral venous blood samples were obtained, and genomic DNA was isolated by a 'salting out' method. Three possible genotypes were distinguished by three distinct banding patterns, depending on the presence or absence of the Sph I restriction site: CC as allele 1, TT as allele 2, and CT, respectively. Statistical analysis was carried out by applying the Chi-squared test and One-way ANOVA. Results: There was a significant difference in MMP-9 genotypes between Chronic periodontitis patients and healthy controls. Odds ratios for CT genotype and combination of CT and TT genotypes were 3.125 (95% confidence interval, p=0.028) and 3.667 (95% confidence interval, p=0.006) relative to subjects with CC genotype, respectively. Conclusion: The present study revealed an association of MMP-9 (-1562 C/T) gene polymorphism with generalised chronic periodontitis.


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