Determine the Dentists' Practice in Compliance with General and Guidelines for Handling Coronavirus Disease 2019: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis


  • Ali Amiri
  • Hassina Shadab
  • Amir Mohamad Yasaie
  • Elnaz Mousavi


Coronavirus, Dentistry, Practice Patterns, Dentists'


Objective: To determine the Dentists' practice in compliance with general and guidelines for handling Coronavirus Disease 2019. Material and Methods: PubMed, Embase, ISI, Scopus, Medicine have been used to search for articles until September 2020. EndNote X9 was used to manage electronic resources as a resource. Joanna Briggs Institute reviewer's manual (JBI) tools was used to assess the quality of studies included in the current systematic and meta-analysis review. The 95% confidence interval (CI) effect size, the random effect model, and the Restricted maximum-likelihood (REML) methods have all been calculated. I2 values of more than 50% indicated moderate-to-high heterogeneity. Stata/MP v.16 (the fastest version of Stata) statistical software was used to evaluate the Meta-analysis. Results: 39 articles were found in the initial keyword search. The full text of 16 studies was reviewed, and six studies were selected in the end. 72% of participants used a face mask during the dental procedure (72%, 95% CI; 40%-100%). 63% of participants measured fever when patients arrived during the COVID-19 pandemic (63%, 95% CI; 46%-79%). Moreover, 72% of participants used a face mask during the dental procedure (72%, 95% CI; 40%-100%). According to JBI tools, all studies had a moderate risk of bias. Conclusion: The results show that the performance of dental professionals in the conditions of the COVID-19 epidemic is not favorable. Training should be under the standards of treatment guidelines and further measures so that dental professionals can show proper practice by increasing their awareness of this virus and following up on its infection.


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