Qualitative Analysis of Root Canal Treatments performed by Undergraduate Students: A Retrospective Study


  • Muhammad Atif Saleem Agwan
  • Abubakar Sheikh
  • Sameer Shaikh


Students, Dental, Root Canal Therapy, Radiography, Dental, Root Canal Obturation


Objective: To analyze the technical quality of endodontic treatment carried out at the undergraduate dental clinics. Material and Methods: Random radiographic records of 92 patients’ were selected who received endodontic treatment by the undergraduate students from June 2018 to July 2019. The quality of root canal filling was determined in relation to the adequate density, length, and taper. Statistical analysis was performed by using GraphPad (Prism 5), and to determine the association between different variables Chi-square test was used. Results: Adequate technical quality of canal obturation conducted by the undergraduate students was found in less than 65% of the cases. The frequency of adequate root canal taper was significantly greater in maxillary teeth (75%) as compared to mandibular teeth (33%); however, adequacy of acceptable density was found more in maxillary teeth (62%) as compared to mandibular teeth (55%). A statistically significant difference was seen in the quality of root canal fillings between anterior and posterior teeth (p=0.001). Conclusion: The root canal therapy performed by undergraduate students was less than optimum in terms of technical quality. Hence, it is suggested that the endodontic training courses delivered at pre-clinical and clinical levels for undergraduate students must be thoroughly revised.


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