Special Issue: Probability and Statistics in Early Childhood Education and Early Years of Elementary School


Special Issue: Probability and Statistics in Early Childhood Education and Early Years of Elementary School


Editors of the Special Issue: Sandra Gonçalves Vilas Boas (UNIUBE), Ana Carolina Faustino (UFMS) and Keli Cristina Conti (UFMG)

Publication: November 2021-Volume 2021.



Statistical Education, as a research area, aims to study and understand how Probability and Statistics is taught and learned, encompassing the epistemology of the probabilistic and statistical concepts, the cognitive and affective aspects of teaching and learning, and the development of teaching methodologies and materials.

In Brazil, since the release of the National Curriculum Parameters, the contents of Statistics and Probability are part of the curricula and have been reaffirmed in the National Common Curricular Base. However, besides some curricular matters, there are also some didactic and content concerns related to the qualification of teachers who teach Statistics and Probability in early childhood education and in the early years of elementary education. The lack of this specific formation may explain why, many times, they neglect the importance to the theme. Furthermore, the development and execution of a practice as proposed in the curriculum requires considering a learning context that places the child in an environment of mathematical, statistical, and probabilistic activity.

Taking into account the valorisation of the teacher’s work in the classroom, and the child as a producer of knowledges and culture and in the studies developed, for this special issue, our main objective is to advance in the studies and understandings of the teaching and learning of Probability and Statistics at the beginning of schooling (early childhood education and early years of elementary school), the approach of this topic in initial and continuing teacher education, as well as its interdisciplinary potential in relation to other fields of knowledge. With this, we will receive articles and reports of experience that address those themes, valuing research carried out or in progress and experiences developed in schools of the early years of elementary education and early childhood education institutions, either in face-to-face or remote education.

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Until 30/06/2021

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Until 30/07/2021

Review of the articles

Until 15/09/2021

Adjustment of the articles and submission of the final versions


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Novembro 2021

Publication of the special issue in the journal





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